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Here you will find the latest news on updates and future releases


- I'm getting feedback from customers that the instructions for loading VST instruments into you DAW under Catalina does work. Instructions are available here.
15/10/2020 - Beat Machine is currently in the process of moving house, so the studio in in boxes, scattered all over the place. The Blue Monday VST and other VST productions won't be available until the new year, but as soon as the Beat Machine studio is back up and running, there will be many new releases.
25/09/2020 - I'm waiting for an update for IOS Catalina users. I will post updates here as soon as I get more information.
I apologise for the wait for the New Order - Blue Monday VST. It was created with a software version that had many bugs. It will be updated very soon.


IOS Catalina The developer of the software that is used to create the Beat Machine VST Instruments is working hard on an update to make the instruments fully compatible with IOS Catalina. There are a few customers who say that they have got Beat Machine VST instruments working by using different methods of skirting around the security within Catalina, but others say that they cannot get the instruments to pass validation. I will post instant updates here once a working update has been sent to me and then I will start the task of updating all of the Mac VST instruments.
Click HERE for instructions on possible solutions & instructions to bypass validation.
Always try the FREE Chaser PR80 VST instrument first to test out your system before committing to buying. 

Ableton Installation A customer has sent me instructions on getting the Beat Machine VST instruments working within Ableton. This is what he said…
'If you're using this with Ableton (or possibly any other DAW) on macOS Catalina, here are the steps I made to get it working.
1. Add the AU Component to "/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/"
2. Restart macOS
3. Open Ableton and Rescan Plug-Ins
4. Drop plug-in into a MIDI channel
5. You'll get a dialog complaining about developer verification, click Cancel
6. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy
7. Click Allow Anyway
8. Repeat step 4
9. Click Open.
In my case restarting Ableton wasn't enough, I had to restart macOS or I couldn't find the plug-in in Ableton.'